Offshoots Farm

An urban farm in Edmonston, Maryland now growing greens for a local middle school and training immigrants to grow food for underserved communities and earn a living wage in the process.  The project is a prime example of reclaiming underused land to serve community needs.

Title IX


Title IX brings justice to those denied.  Most Americans believe Title IX was passed so that women athletes would have a chance to compete.  And for millions of American women, that is exactly what the law has provided.  But recently, the concept of equal access to education has brought justice to women who have had violent crimes committed against them.  At a time when one in five college- aged women is sexually assaulted, few find that the justice system on their campus is set up to investigate the crimes or punish those who perpetrate violence.  As a result, justice has been denied many victims.  In some cases, these victims have found another way to seek redress—Title IX.  The victims are using the law to sue their colleges and universities and they are winning.  Their demand for justice is changing the face of law enforcement on college campuses across the country.